A connected device helping you monitor your horses round-the-clock and develop optimal training programmes



Keep your horses in top condition by optimising the exercise sessions and the feeding.

Bring your horses back on track quicker after an injury by monitoring closely their rehab.

Be alerted to any health problems, such as colic or lameness, even when you're not by their side.


Trackener is a wearable that can be placed within either an ergonomically designed horse bib, comfortable on your horse in the stable and in the field, or on a girth sleeve for when your horse is being exercised.

Training Session Breakdowns

The sensors give the trainer accurate information about the time, speed and heart rate on the gallops to help him follow the horses' fitness progression.

Alerts For Critical Issues

Trackener's easy-to-use mobile and web app gives you round-the-clock data, helping the grooms and vets catch critical problems like colic or lameness as early as possible.

Monitor Activity

Trackener's sensors record your horses' behaviour and activity, allowing the grooms and trainer to respond to any important changes in health and behaviour.

Management Tool

Trackener stores securely all your horses' training sessions, races and health history, allowing the trainer to plan everything perfectly and share better information with you and the team.

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