Get peace of mind

Take the best care of your horses with the first remote horse monitoring system.
Put the device on your horse and start checking on him easily through the app.

Although you can’t be with your horse 24/7, with Trackener you can

  • Get peace of mind when you can’t be with your horse
  • Check your horse’s activity levels, sleep patterns, location and heart rate
  • See if your horse seems unwell, manage their weight better and identify what works best for each horse
  • Get real-time alerts in case of signs of critical problem (e.g. colic, cast)

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Why Trackener?

Our users all have different reasons why they want to keep an eye on their horses.

Whether you have a horse with a chronic or acute health issue,
or you want to manage your horse's weight better,
or you want to monitor a mare close to foaling,
or that you just want to keep your horse healthy and happy,
Trackener is there to improve your horse's life and so yours as well.

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