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Is the device waterproof?

Yes, the device is waterproof as long as it is not submerged in water. It is designed to withstand rolls in muddy puddles and getting caught in the rain.

Is the device FEI / Affiliated approved?

At the moment, we do not have approval for the Trackener device to be worn during FEI or affiliated competition but as it is subtle and does not affect performance in any way, it can be used for unaffiliated and we don’t anticipate any problems.

My horse's yard is in an area with poor signal. Will the device work?

The Trackener Life device has been designed to face this problem as most yards are rural based. This is because it can connect to any network provider in the area and survives on a very low signal. Although it is very rare, if the device is unable to find a signal, it will continue logging data until it is able to find one and send it to your phone. If the signal is really poor, you may have to move the device outside the stable to reach better signal.

How often will I need to charge the batteries?

The batteries should last for at least 3-4 days. We recommend having two pairs of batteries so that you can swap them as soon as the first pair dies so that you can monitor your horse continually.

Can Trackener device connect to my phone using Bluetooth?

No, Trackener Life device is only capable of sending data using GSM communication (2G or 3G network). This enables you to get the data and alerts even when you're not by your horse.

Won’t my horse be uncomfortable when he lays on the device?

The device has been worn by a variety of horses of all shapes and sizes, and all of them lied down while wearing the Trackener device without showing any signs of discomfort.

What if the bib and sleeve get dirty?

That’s fine! The bib and girth sleeve are both machine washable and the heart rate belt and surcingle can be sponged down too.

Will the bib be resistant to my horse rolling?

Yes, just like an anti-rub vest or show shine bib, the bib is flexible without restricting your horse when they roll.

My horse destroys lots of rugs, is it risky to put Trackener Life on?

The positioning of the bib is designed to be out of reach of rug-wreckers but should they achieve it, the device is resistant enough to survive until it is found and placed back in the bib. New bibs are available to buy from us.

I have a pony, will the bib fit?

Our bibs currently come in three different sizes to fit horse between 14hh and 17.2hh. If you have requirements outside of these sizes, please get in touch at
The girth strap has been designed to fit any size of girth (including with stud guard).

I have a stud girth. Will the girth sleeve fit over it?

Yes, the girth sleeve has many velcro and elasticated strips to adapt to any type of girth. Using whichever straps are most convenient, you can attach the sleeve to a stud girth.

Isn't there a risk of rubbing my horse?

The design of our bib ensures there is very little chance of it rubbing the horse. It has been extensively tested and designed so that horses of all sizes and shapes can wear it comfortably for several days with no problem.

Is my data safe? Who can access it?

All of your data is confidential and backed up in our cloud. Only you and us can access the data without permission from you for it to be shared.

Can my trainer or vet look at the data as well?

Yes, the app can be accessed by as many people as you choose. Your trainer, vet, physio or anyone related to the care of your horse can have their own Trackener account with access to all of the information from your device. This enables all of your equine professionals to look at the whole picture of your horse’s progress.

I have several horses. Can I buy only one device and put it on each of them at different periods of time?

In theory yes, but we highly discourage this as it will mix up the data and the real power of Trackener Life lies in the data analysis over time of the one same horse. The longer one horse wears the device, the stronger the data becomes at predicting what is normal and abnormal for that horse in terms of changes in behaviour. If the data is collected from several horses, it is almost impossible to detect anything.
If however, you want to use Trackener Life for monitoring your horses’ training sessions, drop us an email at

Will Trackener Life system always alert me if my horse is colicing?

Trackener Life was created and developed to provide real time alerts in case of critical problems such as colic. However we cannot always guarantee our system will detect signs of distress accurately. By continually working with veterinary clinics, the detection algorithms will become stronger to provide alerts that are as accurate as possible and this is improved further the longer your horse has been wearing the kit thanks to the intelligence of the system.

I’m not good with tech, how easy it is to use the app and interpret the data?

You do not have to be good with tech to use Trackener Life. The app is very easy to set up and use and we have a team of people on hand to help you should you get stuck.

When will my order ship?

When you place your order we will let you know the estimated date of shipping. Orders are charged immediately but you are able to request a refund at any time before shipping.

Where do you ship from?

We manufacture and ship the kits from the UK and aim to deliver the kit within 3 working days.

What accessories are included?

The Trackener Life pack includes a lycra bib, a girth strap, 2 batteries and a charger for the batteries. If you want to order an extra bib or girth strap, send us an email at .

In which countries does the device work?

The device will be configured to work in any country in the 28 countries of the European Union. Without any extra cost you will be able to use the device in a country or another.

Can Trackener Life be used for equine research purposes?

Yes, of course. We will always be happy if our device gets used to analyse further the equine health, welfare, behaviour, nutrition etc. Please write us an email so that we can discuss about how we could satisfy your needs.

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