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Our vision

Behind Trackener are 2 engineers and animal lovers, passionate about empowering users with tech.
They’ve decided to create Trackener, leveraging their skills for the benefit of a common vision:

Revolutionising equine care with data and technology.
And developing brilliant tools for learning how to make life better for the horses we love.

The team

Pauline Issard
Co-founder & CEO
Jeremie Charlet
Co-founder & CTO
Chris Hockuba
Hardware Engineer
Ruth Box
Luke O'Mahony
Software Developer
Paula Keech
Sportswear designer
Hardware Design

Want to join our team? Feel free to tell us more about you at: contact@trackener.com

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Our address:
Widegate Studio, 23 Widegate Street, London E1 7HX, United Kingdom

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