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Trackener Life is a wearable device that records automatically all your horse’s activity and behaviour 24/7 whether your horse is in the field, in the stable, being transported or exercised. With the Trackener Life app, you have access from anywhere to unique insights so that you can optimise your management practices based on them and act as soon as the first signs of a problem appear.


Imagine if someone could be with each horse all the time, alerting you at the first sign of a potential problem and understanding their needs perfectly...

Whether you want to monitor a horse with an ongoing condition or have horses in top health and want to keep them that way, Trackener can help.

Track Activity

See how much your horse is moving in the field and stable to check mobility, anxiety and determine energy requirements. Keep a closer eye on their stability in the horsebox.

Prevent Anxiety

Detect when the horse is waiting at the gate or pacing the fence so you can reduce the risk of injury and alter turnout routine accordingly. (Detection of Box Walking coming soon)

Evaluate Exercise

Review each exercise session to check your accuracy on each rein, where you rode, how long you spent in each gait and your horse’s speed and heart rate throughout.

Monitor Sleep

Check how much your horse normally lays down every day/night to find how settled they are in their environment and identify abnormal behaviour as early as possible.

Heart-rate Feedback

Monitor fitness, stress levels and potential underlying pain using heart rate readings throughout the day during rest, travel and exercise sessions.

Management Tool

Record all of your horse’s exercise sessions and health care appointments in one place and see how they impact the horse’s activity, sleep and behaviour.

Immediate alerts in the event of a critical problem 
(e.g. colic signs, non-activity in the field). coming in 2019


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140 x 50 x 30 mm
5.5 x 2 x 1.2 inches

3 to 6 days of battery life

Easily interchangeable batteries. The battery status is directly visible on the app.


The data is sent over any 2G or 3G network available.


Resistant to falling on the floor and to the horse’s weight.


Designed to sustain in any weather condition while on your horse.


The bib and girth strap are machine washable. Made of neoprene and lycra.

Easy to fit

The bib can be worn on its own or under any rug. The girth strap fits every girth.

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