A connected device helping you take the best care of your horses by understanding them perfectly.


Keep your horses in top condition by optimising the turnout, exercise sessions and feeding in regards to their current activity and behaviour.

Recognise and prevent
anxiety in both the field and stable thanks to unprecedented insights on the horses behaviour.

Be alerted to potential critical problems, such as colic signs, even when you're not by their side.


Placed in the comfortable lycra bib when your horse is in the field or in the stable, the device measures their activity, sleep and anxiety based on location and movements.

Placed in the girth strap, the device measures how much time you’ve spent at each gait and rein during your exercising sessions.

With Trackener Life HR, you can analyse their fitness and stress level by placing the heart rate sensor strap under the saddle cloth.

Get all the information you need wherever you are on the Trackener Life app.
No synchronisation between your phone and the device is needed.

Monitor Activity

Trackener's sensors record your horses' behaviour and activity based on location, allowing you to optimise their feeding and environment.

Alerts For Critical Issues

Trackener's easy-to-use mobile app gives you real-time notifications, helping you treat problems as early as possible.

Exercise Session Breakdowns

The sensors give you accurate information about the time you spent at each gait and rein and measure the heart rate to help you follow your horses' fitness progression.

Management Tool

Trackener securely stores all your horses' exercise sessions, events and health history, allowing you to share accurate data with anyone taking care of your horse.


Debbie Boylan-White

Professional producing dressage and showing horses
Trackener tester since April

“Trackener is great both for amateurs and professionals, either for a general health monitoring of the horse, or for more advanced analysis of the training work.”

Clair Hood

amateur rider, Riding Club member
Trackener user for a month

“I've enjoyed testing the Trackener device and app and found the information it provides really useful . Monitoring my horse in the field is interesting, but also useful to know if she is getting stressed , for example at the weekend if all her friends have come in before her. The exercise log is also good for building up a history of work. When I school I try to work each side equally but it's interesting to see how this works in practice.”



140 x 50 x 30 mm
5.5 x 2 x 1.2 inches

One week battery life

Easily interchangeable batteries. The battery status is directly visible on the app.


The data is sent over any 2G or 3G network available.


Resistant to fall on the floor and to the horse's weight.


Up to one meter deep. Made to work on your horse in any weather condition.


The bib and girth strap are machine washable. Made of neoprene and lycra.

Easy to fit

The bib can be worn on its own or under any rug. The girth strap fits every girth.

made in Britain

Textile manufactured by

Belvoir Rug

Heart rate Sensor by



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