Easy Remote Monitoring 24/7


Imagine if someone could be with each horse all the time, alerting you at the first sign of a potential problem and understanding their needs perfectly...

Whether you want to monitor a horse with an ongoing condition or have horses in top health and want to keep them that way, Trackener can help.

General Preventative Care

Get all the information you need wherever you are on the Trackener Life app.
No synchronisation between your phone and the device is needed.

Management Tool

Easy management of your horse’s worming and vaccination schedule and appointments with the vet, physio and farrier. Stay on top of your horses’ regular treatments and keep track of every change and its impact using the app calendar (coming in Winter 2018).

Prevent Anxiety

Detect anxiety to prevent injuries and identify optimal management e.g. bring in times to prevent galloping around and pacing the fence. Detect pacing the fence and waiting at the gate (box walking coming soon in Winter 2018).

Heart-rate Feedback

With Trackener life HR identify potential underlying pain by monitoring your horses heart rate, both at rest and during exercise.

Tailored Routines

Optimise feeding in regards to activity for weight management and performance. Take into consideration overall energy expenditure from activity in the field, exercise sessions and transport.

Monitor Sleep

Learn about sleep pattern to determine the normal routine for your horse when they are comfortable and at ease. Thus enabling you to detect unusual changes, discover and evaluate the impact of changes to daily care and how well the horse is settling in a new environment (e.g. away at a competition).

Acute and Chronic Issue Monitoring

Trackener is useful for the monitoring of both acute and chronic problems. For example, to keep an eye on a colic prone horse, to maintain and measure the mobility of an arthritic horse over time or detect the early signs of a horse developing arthritis or laminitis following significant changes in movement.

Immediate alerts in the event of a critical problem.
(e.g. colic signs, non-activity in the field) coming in 2019


Equip your practice with the latest monitoring technology and keep an eye on your patients either in-house or at home by renting the kits out.

  • Access all the information about each horse at a glance : heart rate, activity, anxiety, rolling, sternal and lateral recumbency

  • Possibility to scrutinise all the raw data or access a quick overview of the horse’s status

  • For use in conjunction with CCTV or on it’s own. No Wi-fi or setup required

At The Hospital

  • Post orthopedic surgery monitoring : insights about about of sternal and lateral recumbency, activity

  • Colic monitoring and difficult cases investigation : day-by-day overview of activity, behaviour and heart rate at a glance

Remote Continuous Monitoring

  • To follow patient progress upon leaving the hospital i.e. colic surgery, laminitis

  • To track recovery and rehabilitation from injury e.g. tendon damage

  • To investigate idiopathic illnesses : identify potential triggers in home environment

  • To monitor the management of chronic cases such as laminitis and joint problems


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