The Trackener device sits under the horse’s belly. It analyses the horse’s activity, location, movements, behaviour and heart rate 24/7 to provide insights and actions to the horse care giver through easy to understand visualisations on their smartphone/tablet/computer.

The device is placed within either our ergonomically designed horse bib1, comfortable on the horse in the stable, in the field and during transport, or on the girth sleeve for when the horse is being exercised.

(1)Our product is suitable for horses 14hh and above, with 3 sizes of bib available.

Find out how trackener life can help you with healthcare and performance.

Get unprecedented insights about the horse’s life through the Trackener Life app, comparing patterns over time and receiving alerts in the event of a critical problem. Access the app at the click of a button to ensure you stay in sync with your horses round the clock, wherever you are. No Wi-Fi setup or Bluetooth synchronisation required, Trackener Life has been developed to be easy and simple to use.

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140 x 50 x 30 mm
5.5 x 2 x 1.2 inches

3 to 6 days of battery life

Easily interchangeable batteries. The battery status is directly visible on the app.


The data is sent over any 2G or 3G network available.


Resistant to falling on the floor and to the horse’s weight.


Up to one meter deep. Designed to sustain any weather condition while on your horse.


The bib and girth strap are machine washable. Made of neoprene and lycra.

Easy to fit

The bib can be worn on its own or under any rug. The girth strap fits every girth.

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