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Recovery is as important as the session itself. Use the app to track how long it takes your horse’s heart rate to recover after exercise. Compare average heart rate readings throughout the session and across several sessions. Check how well the horse is coping with training by tracking their behaviour at rest.

Fitness and training management

Record all your fitness sessions in one place to compare progress and fitness level, throughout the year. Use this record to ensure each horse is receiving a suitable workload for their training schedule and performance goals.

Exercise feedback

Monitor the accuracy of your training by comparing the time spent on each rein and in each gait so that your horse’s physique and strength develops evenly. Track the horse’s speed and heart rate throughout the session and over time to quantify the effort and intensity of your training.

Mental health

An athlete of any species or discipline will not perform at their best when stressed, agitated or anxious. Identify potential triggers of anxiety to improve your horse’s well-being and conserve their energy for competition.

Transport, feeding and general optimal management

As travelling is a key part of a performance horse’s life and both a physiological and psychological stressor for the horse, Trackener provides valuable feedback during transit to help you highlight aspects of travelling that could be improved on your next journey. For example, does your horse remain in a steady state for a short journey and then become distressed over longer periods? Find out using your app so that you can add additional rest breaks next time.

In addition to exercise, there are a number of other factors to be considered for top performance. After all, the horse’s daily exercise makes up less than 5% of the horse’s life, yet can be influenced by diet, physical health and soundness, sleep quality, psychological contentment and much more! Check out how you can monitor your horse’s health on the healthcare page.



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